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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 17, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> appears in court. the hearing was primarily to address a large concern by the defense. >> doing a terrible job. >> audio released has popped -- trump and his health own publicist. >> i think that is the key to donald trump's success i'm getting all of this free publicity. >> appeared in camden county superior court. now, currently being held with $760,000 bail on a murder charge of his own son brendan went missing on october 132015 and was found
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that on the same day a half-mile from home. the hearing was primarily to address a large concern citing what he believes to the extensive procedural errors regarding the autopsy by medical examiner gerald fighting. >> you he is doing a terrible job. >> responded that all the work done by the medical examiner was tight and sound. >> the court finds the state did present evidence as to every element and did not violate the medical examiners act the motion to dismiss will be denied.
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>> if you have information i want to talk about it, please tweet me. you can always tweet the show. bill: "high speed chase", start us off. >> this nurse shark has the taste of human flesh. she was swimming. would not let go. everyone's okay. >> lynwood police officer responding on may 11. >> i got a silver nissan altima just past and knocked my door off.
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>> getting sideswiped in the door getting smashed. not the 1st time we have seen this. officers and pedestrians getting killed frequently. there are move over laws in effect. going to look into the issue and see if we can fix this problem. >> audio released by the "washington post" has trump supposedly acting as his own publicist by the name john miller. this is from 1991 when at the time john miller was being asked about his words. when you listen to the audio you detect some clear trump is of such as that i can tell you.
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>> that ii can tell you. >> you also year supposedly on miller bragging about how many women trump could get. >> by everybody. >> the reporter on the other end of the line seems skeptical. and at the time trump admitted that it was him and it was a joke. now fast-forward and he saying that it was not him and goes to far as to say it was a scam. asked about the "washington post" focusing on him and basically says. >> they are wrong. i did not even say bad. in many cases they have no proper information and a putting it together. >> here is the part that gets strange. the reporter who you can hear on this audiotape so there were only two copies. hecopies.
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he had moment she lost and the other was trump has. >> your. >> your suggesting trump leads us to the "washington post"? why? >> you got me. >> now we are joined by psychologist and doctor jeffrey garnier to break this down. bill: the whole sordid tale, not only was this people magazine reporter right and trump not only lake to but didn't on purpose. now he has a week of news talking about other nonsense voters just in this stuff out. >> what kind of person calls to pretend to be somewhere someone else and
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talk about themselves. >> i think perhaps maybe a more appropriate term would be irresponsible. he can play these games. in his mind get away with it bill: you just made the next headline. he will thank you tomorrow. hayden and their parents were all smiles during the party, they have been through a lot this past year.
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vacation. the trip was approved by her dr.. >> have a great trip. we can't wait to hear about it. >> went into labor early and delivered in portugal. sadly hudson passed away. in portugal while they built up enough strength for the return flight. >> i don't get to hold my baby or go into the bedroom and night. all those things we look forward to.
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>> we are beyond joy. >> excited to meet her for the 1st time. a very special cake because she went in to labor relation never had a proper baby shower. representing your twin brother. in enjoying's. >> she is now 14 pounds in 10 ounces compared to what she was born at. after a wrap up the interview, getting ready to leave for one more thing the last year her 1st
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birthday. >> they were able to donate back. ♪ >> safe and sound. separated from his mother by offense. this is on friday. right before. luckily the three -month-old
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was safe from all danger. the animal control workers. >> my god. >> great last friday seeing and hearing from brave firefighters and police officers. spoke about the meaning of courage at the valor award ceremony. >> and a former olympian wins an award for courage based upon an issue of gender identity i think the meaning of the word courage is been lost. >> perfect -- the purpose is to give money for family of fallen officers. it was nice of them. ♪ >> the state barbershop. >> a body in motion stays in motion.
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♪ >> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down by logging on to. bill: "high speed chase",/tips. ♪
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>> encore presentation about a story we did. there was such an outpouring of love and support with over 40,000 facebook users lots -- as well as lots of comments. if you have a character you think we should cover these tweet us. >> drop by the state barbershop. >> love somebody. >> we will be there holding court, doing his thing the way he has more than 50 years. >> finds a way to make when
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everything is going on in your life better good. better. >> wakes up and goes to bed like that. never been mad, never seen him mad. >> nine by almost anyone's standards. eighty years old. >> when you have peace in life. >> you can complain about your weight and how old you feel, but it's like me. you can come around and pump iron like joe does on the sidewalk. the man is 80 years old. what is the secret is maybe the better question. do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. >> imagine getting up in the morning and going someplace you don't want to go.
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>> he spent much and there working out in front of the shop. he says it actually is simple. >> of all the things we mentioned but what brought me is my interest in the strength of the guys spirit. singing in the street, that lust for life, i have got to give that some kind of credit. >> the oldest in the world. the key to a long life is whiskey. >> where's the alcohol.
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>> my grandmother is 92. >> the pressures and the demands. >> counselors, care therapists becoming played by shortage of qualified workers. in the next ten years the number of jobs expected to grow by 22 percent in the
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field of addiction treatment compared to over tivo just over 6 percent. a lot of opportunity, not a lot of people who are willing to do the work. >> we would always put out job postings or ask for resumes because there is such a lack. >> now running the center called consolation for recovery. >> this really is unprecedented. so they will become trained
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in nursing. trying to recruit people from as early as high school. bill: you think about it, where kids get their addictions and wonder if that aggressive recruiting junior senior year in high school might actually change some minds. >> we are talking about an industry growing where it should not be. addiction counseling is telling us that the number of addicts are growing exponentially right now. >> it is not that they don't have enough people applying, they have so many. getting them to stay in the field and stay through the bad times, what do you do about that? one pop loved daycare so
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much she walked over a mile to go back. ♪
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bill: coming up next, what happens when a kid needs a terminal? >> this video might cause cuteness overload. check it out.
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♪ bill: they already think i'm nuts.nuts. it cannot get worse. >> this might cause cuteness overload. what happens? check it out. ♪ now, karaoke did not kill the. ♪ >> one pop loved daycare so much that he just had to go back. over the weekend riley went for his daily walk around town, passed by the daycare,
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saw the dogs playing and just had to go back. once he got home and went outside the went to the gate, unhedged it, and walked over a mile back to the daycare where he sat outside patiently waiting to be let in. of course they let him in and called the family. because he works so hard to get there they decided to five. bill: it's about time we did a story about our neighbors to the north. >> the presidential election is upon us. they have a decidedly different take.
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so the canadian news organization aptly named global news found that nearly 20 percent, nearly 20 pes would consider moving to our neighbor of north if trump was elected. way down south joe capitalized on this consensus starting a website called maple match. the site aims to hook up americans ready to jump ship with her counterpart cannot's. for more reaction on the sunnyside, i reached out to a comedian. what is your reaction? >> well, maple match is not much more than an idea. it has no actual business plan just yet, which, which i kind find of funny and fitting because it sums up his entire presidential campaign. >> i headed to the canadian consulate.
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i could not get inside, but i did run into a handsome gentleman. are you canadian? >> no. >> why you trying to get in they're? >> is a herd of the app. >> i welcome everybody. >> now, he was a good sport and open to pretty much anything. had to his own country, venezuela. >> not enough time. >> elected what it would take. it turns out the organism
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serious bake. >> only for losers in the desperate. what this americans look like and who they are. >> i don't think they are losers or desperate. start dating them just because. bill: anyway, thank you. >> jumping out of a plane with the golden knights. >> you don't have a parachute on. >> what? ♪
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